GARRETT, William Alex + *

William Alex GARRETT, Private. 26th North Carolina Infantry, Company G.

RESIDED in Chatham County. ENLISTED on 6 Oct 1861 at age 18. Enlisted in the 26th North Carolina Infantry, Company G on 12 June 1861. KILLED at Gettysburg, PA on 1 July 1863.

Letter from his father Jacob GARRETT to Alamance County Delegate Thomas RUFFIN. He was a delegate to the 1861 North Carolina Secession Convention, Raleigh, NC.Delegate RUFFIN’s home was in Graham, NC.

Sandy Grove, Chatham County

December 3, 1861

Mr. Thomas Ruffin

Dear Sir,

After my Respects to you and thanks for favors past may I be permitted to address you as a friend and ask a favor at your hands, on a subject that has lately been impressed on my mind by seeing and knowing the disadvantages my sons labor under for the want of an Education and the many appeals I see to Parents to Educate their children, and an application made to President Davis to have a youth discharged from service in the Army, [young men] who readily comply and say that [the war is] using up Boys in the Army like Grinding seed Corn. I therefore wish to get my son from the Army and send him to School if I can get a discharge for him, he has many good traits about him that will be lost to the community unless he can have a better Education. I therefore feel it my duty to make the effort to get him to School, now how to proceed in what I want to know is the subject of my writing to you, if the Governor is the proper one I want you to lay the matter before him and see if it can be done. I hope you will lend me your influence to the matter. He is in the 26th Regiment. Colonel Z. B. Vance, Capt. McLane when Sworn in but is now with Capt Lane’s Chatham Boys, the name of the company. I therefore hope you will lend me Your influence. Please write to me as soon as you ascertain what can be done. Direct your letter to Graham, NC.


Jacob Garrett

The age of my son is 18. His name is William Alex GARRETT.

WILLIAM ALEX GARRETT was killed on 1 July 1863 at Gettysburg, PA. He was 20 years old.


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